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Hinz & Kunz  |  Photo: Daniel Grünfeld
Hinz & Kunz | Photo: Daniel Grünfeld

Eating out in Cologne: Breakfast and brunch

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From pancakes and French toast to shakshuka and sausage, Cologne has you covered



Not too big on etiquette or tradition, the team at Neobiota focuses on great food. Sonja Baumann and Erik Scheffler opened their restaurant in 2018 and have been laying claim to the “world’s best breakfast” ever since. An ace up their sleeve is that they bake their own breads, which make the perfect base for eggs, salmon or mushrooms. Those with a sweet tooth can opt for the homemade Bircher muesli or pancakes – or if a heartier breakfast is more your thing, the shakshuka or corned beef. If you have a little time to spare, you should try the fluffy Japanese-style pancakes with stewed mango and passion fruit, which take half an hour to prepare. Breakfast is served between 10 am and 2:30 pm. In the evening, Neobiota transforms into a top restaurant, which was awarded its first Michelin star in 2019.

Ehrenstr. 43, 50672 Cologne,



Feynsinn on Rathenauplatz is an ideal breakfast spot for people who like a lie-in. Here, a wide range of specialities are served from 9 am to as late as 4 pm, with guests invited to tick the boxes on the menu to make their choices. They range from individual items such as wholemeal bread, yoghurt or guacamole, or pre-set breakfast options such as Israeli shakshuka with eggs from the nearby Bergisches Land region to the bountiful Tous les fromages French cheese platter. Served with maple syrup, homemade jam and fresh fruit aplenty, the French toast is vegan, cinnamony and irresistibly creamy. For an extra caffeine boost, order a premium Moxxa latte. And if you’re breakfasting alone, you can take a break from your smartphone and read the literature in the menu instead.

Rathenauplatz 7, 50674 Cologne,



It’s easy to miss Hanimeli amid the overblown shop window displays that are par for the course on Keupstrasse. Yet it is home to one of the most impressive breakfast buffets in the city. Owner Elif Tali greets all guests personally and it’s hard to imagine how she finds the time to sleep. The price for the breakfast buffet includes as much çay (Turkish tea) as you like – as well as fresh salads with bulgur, noodles or pulses, olives, spreads and grilled vegetables. And there are no fewer than three hot Turkish breakfast classics: simit, sucuk and menemen, a spicy scrambled egg dish with tomatoes. Not to mention fried bread made from yeast dough and fluffy, filled poğaça. Or the homemade halva – a sweet semolina pudding with spices, nuts and coconut flakes that will leave you coming back for more.

Keupstr. 33, 51063 Cologne,


Hinz & Kunz

Dürener Strasse is not exactly where it’s all happening in Cologne. In fact, it only gets interesting when you take a seat in the ever-busy Hinz & Kunz, and lose yourself in the hustle and bustle around you. The team of chefs whip up delectable mueslis such as the Power Amaranth with yoghurt, extra-fine oats, coconut flakes and plenty of fruit – or the Freche Früchtchen pancakes with dark maple syrup, pineapple, blueberries, bananas and plums. With industrial chic lamps, dark-grey walls and super-speedy service staff, this is a popular haunt among younger guests in particular. Those who prefer more quiet surroundings will prefer to sit at the back on the right, behind the kitchen. Here, the concrete aesthetic is replaced by wood on the walls – and the tables by the windows are the perfect spot to relax and watch the world go by.

Schallstraße 34, 50931 Cologne,



“Slow baker” Engelbert Schlechtrimen runs the family bakery and café that has borne his name for three generations. His superb bread can be bought at the counter – which is framed by an impressive array of certificates – or savoured in what may well be the cosiest café on the other side of the Rhine. With a choice of scrambled egg either with or without bacon, the Sunday breakfast buffet is a real treat for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. The savoury delicacies on offer – including salmon, Mett (ground pork with onion), smoked trout and a wide range of cheeses – are perfect on the mild rye Graubrot and the fabulously nutty Nussbrot. Included in the price is the orange juice from the self-service juicer, powered entirely by elbow grease. The lattes are served in giant cups and fairly priced.

Kalker Hauptstr. 210, 51103 Cologne,