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Rap queens win the battle

created by Carla H. Bartels | |   urban culture

Cologne is the scene for Germany’s first ever female battle rap league

A question of trust

created by Christian Werthschulte | |   urban culture

During the pandemic, Cologne learnt that sometimes its citizens simply know best

Out in the office

created by Christian Werthschulte | |   urban culture

Cologne’s biggest employers are flying the flag for LGBTIQ and diversity to increase their appeal to new recruits

A new love of concrete

created by Anne Meyer and Christian Werthschulte | |   urban culture

From no-go area to beer garden: Over the past three years, art, gastronomy and a bubbling fountain have turned Ebertplatz into one of the most popular...

Jazzing things up

created by Felix Klopotek | |   urban culture

Janning Trumann, one of the most important figures on Cologne’s young jazz scene, plays the trombone and does a thousand other things besides

Cologne for Future

created by Jan Lüke | |   urban culture

The importance of climate and environmental protection has been growing in Cologne of late, largely thanks to the city’s urban community

Seasonal highlights

created by Christian Werthschulte | |   urban culture

Cologne has something to offer all year round

Summer in the city

created by Alfred Jansen | |   urban culture

Impressions of cologne

Arts, crafts and an eyewitness to the past

created by Jens Peter Koerver | |   urban culture

Cologne’s museum landscape encompasses far more than just the big names. Join us on a visit to four very different locations off the beaten tourist...

Sustainable urban jungle

created by Katja Peglow | |   urban culture

The interior trend is showing no signs of stopping: fluffy pampas grass, gypsophila and exotic succulents are adding colour to homes everywhere....

Cologne’s four on the dance floor

created by Thomas Venker | |   urban culture

With a new generation, Cologne’s electronic music scene has seen an injection of new momentum – one that not even the coronavirus pandemic can shake

New spaces

created by Dora Cohnen | |   urban culture

With small art associations leading the way, Cologne’s art scene is exploring new niches

Kiln time in Cologne

created by Katja Peglow | |   urban culture

Pottery is the new favourite pastime of stressed-out city dwellers

Lively chaos

created by Hans-Christoph Zimmermann | |   urban culture

Cologne might not always be easy on the eye, but its wide range of architectural gems and monstrosities is what makes it so vibrant

Back on the guitar trip

created by Lennard Itzler | |   urban culture

Cologne’s indie scene is flourishing again

Fashion in Cologne

created by Katja Peglow | |   urban culture

Cologne’s Kleiderei is a prime example of sustainable fashion consumption