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Seasonal highlights

created by Christian Werthschulte | |   urban culture

Cologne has something to offer all year round

Cologne’s four on the dance floor

created by Thomas Venker | |   urban culture

With a new generation, Cologne’s electronic music scene has seen an injection of new momentum – one that not even the coronavirus pandemic can shake

Awakened from a deep slumber

created by Anja Albert | |   urban culture

On the outskirts of Cologne, new urban initiatives are imagining a different kind of city

Cologne goes green

created by Jan Lüke | |   urban culture

In Cologne, there is a growing awareness of how urban living can be combined with ecological sustainability – and it’s also changing the city

New spaces

created by Dora Cohnen | |   urban culture

With small art associations leading the way, Cologne’s art scene is exploring new niches

Kiln time in Cologne

created by Katja Peglow | |   urban culture

Pottery is the new favourite pastime of stressed-out city dwellers

Lively chaos

created by Hans-Christoph Zimmermann | |   urban culture

Cologne might not always be easy on the eye, but its wide range of architectural gems and monstrosities is what makes it so vibrant

From dusk till dawn

|   urban culture

Cologne’s nightlife has something for everyone

Back on the guitar trip

created by Lennard Itzler | |   urban culture

Cologne’s indie scene is flourishing again

Fashion in Cologne

created by Katja Peglow | |   urban culture

Cologne’s Kleiderei is a prime example of sustainable fashion consumption

Life between the towers

|   urban culture

The hidden qualities of Cologne’s high-rises