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Urbanana, the urban jungle encompassing Düsseldorf, Cologne and the Ruhr Area; perfectly shaped like a banana. Life is vibrant here, with forever changing scenery, creative people and cool places that inspire you, deeply. Come and tour this multi-faceted region of NRW and feel the vibe of the urbanana.

How could you explore urbanana any better than the way locals do? Bike through the colorful quarters of Cologne, lined with cafés and small shops; Walk through artsy Düsseldorf with its Rhine ­tower always in sight and drive around the Ruhr Area if you feel like being moved by the transformation of this former ­industrial hub.

We have created three tours for you that are perfect for a day of exploration of each of the areas in urbanana. Everything is well-­connec­ted here, making travelling in urbanana easy! No matter where your starting or ending point is, no matter where you are, everything belongs to urbanana. ­Conveniently, all you need is your smartphone: Just scan the QR-Code and it will show you the route on Maps with info about all the different spots.

Let’s go! urbanana and its people await you!

urbanana Ruhr Area

You can discover four cities in one fantastic trip. But beware: the Ruhr Area is a  big conurbation. Either you rent a scooter, take an e-bike or get into a car.  Hop on our tour and enjoy! Downtown Essen already has plenty of bustling sights. Just scan the QR code with your smart phone and see for yourself. This area has many architectural and unexpected gems to offer. For example, the wonderful Folkwang Museum, which was redesigned by David Chipperfield back in 2010.Are you ready for a coffee break yet? Sit down by the window of the Café De Prins at the Isenbergplatz and start heading towards the city’s coolest shopping street, Rüttenscheider Straße, with its many boutique shops and restaurants. We recommend stopping by Elya’s concept store but please don’t be disappointed that their furniture doesn’t fit on your scooter.The tour continues via the picture-­perfect Margarethenhöhe and from there, to the largest camera obscura, located in Mülheim Broich. In the old water tower, you can enjoy the optical phenomenon before continuing onward towards neighbor­ing Duisburg.Before reaching our next destination, how about a quick urban art detour in the Meiderich Graffiti Tunnel? Then, we’ll make our way to the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord. The Guardian refers to it as one of the most beautiful metropolitan oases in the world and one of the most unusual parks in the world and wonderful to explore. Next stop, the Oberhausen Gasometer! Let the glass elevator take you up to the roof so you can enjoy the incredible view of the Ruhr Area, which you have just traveled through so grandiosely. Afterwards, try a fun competition at the exciting 7th Space, a gaming place, where you can go on  a virtual reality ghost hunt. And now, you’ve collected some treasures worth seeing. So, why not congratulate yourself for a job well done in urban exploration?

Explore the Ruhr Area by scooter, e-bike or car. Starting point: Essen City Center, you can arrive there from all other urbanana spots by train – because it is right next to the central station. Here, you will find e-scooters that you can rent. Remember to wear a helmet. Better be safe than sorry.



One day in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is the city of fashion, the arts and home to the longest bar in the world. Doesn’t it sound like a great combination?! It most certainly is. So, let’s take a stroll You can easily walk this city! Start your day in Flingern, a vibrant quarter characterized by its young urban crowd. Have breakfast and mingle with the locals. Big murals on the house fronts brighten the city and for those who are on the hunt for the perfect soundtrack to their life, check out the beat retreat record stores.  Minutes away lies the Japanese quarter. Wander around the unique shops selling manga books and beautiful matcha cups. Try some of the authentic treats like the ramen soup at Takezo which is worth the visit. Düsseldorf’s old town is famous for its bar culture. But there is one brewhouse that you shouldn’t miss. Often named “the best Alt-beer” in town, Füchschen serves their own dark super seller as well as hearty meals. If you are more in the mood for some art, visit Kunstsammlung NRW, which holds one of the biggest collections of modern art in NRW. The NRW Forum on the other hand presents the world’s first AR (Augmented Reality) Biennale until mid-2022. Digital sculptures can be seen by using your own smartphone. An immersive experience that lets you interact with art in real time. Pass Gehry’s glittering architectural icon at the media harbor, then stroll towards Unterbilk, one of Düsseldorf’s coolest quarters. Lorettostraße and Bilker Allee are lined with colourful outlets like the vintage-store, Frauenzimmer. There’s also enough variety available in the evening. Great cafes, restaurants and bars cover every taste. Perhaps a visit to the bar Dr. Pfeiffer is worthwhile, where you might catch some live music and maybe even party at Oh Baby Anna with the locals. There’s no better way to end the night in Düsseldorf!

Explore Düsseldorf on foot. Starting point: Düsseldorf Flingern, where many trains bring you to all the other wonderful ­destinations of ­urbanana in no time.



urbanana Köln

Neighborhoods full of contrasts: design stores, fancy cafés, hip restaurants and bars. Cologne is colorful, lively and creative. The best way to explore the metro­polis is by bike. Let’s go!Start your tour in multi-cultural Mülheim, a neighborhood on the Schäl Sick, as the right bank of the Rhine is called. A lot is changing and developing there right now. Old industrial sites are becoming creative spots, co-working spaces are emerging, and the energy in Mülheim is inspiring. Let’s stop at the Mützepark, one of the hottest spots for street art in Cologne. From here, we make our way to Anker 7, probably the tastiest and most casual spot on the harbor in Cologne.Past the Flora, with its pretty botanical garden, we head towards Nippes, a beautifully idyllic and familiar Veedel (the kölsch term for neighborhood). Small streets lead to great locations. We recommend a snack at Morio on Schillplatz taking an in depth look at the trendy houseplants in the cute Mooi store, before cycling to the hip district: of EhrenfeldFormerly a working-class neighborhood, today, a lively district full of young people. Many small, individual stores invite you to stroll along Körnerstraße and Bumann & Sohn, probably one of the hippest bars in the city which is only a few steps away. A quick craft beer at Brau­stelle, Cologne’s smallest brewery, is a must. From Ehrenfeld you can cycle over the Belgisches Viertel to Südstadt.The picturesque Veedel which sits ­directly on the Rhine is one of Cologne’s most popular neighborhoods. The special mix of urban wandering is unique, whether in the Alteburger Straße, where Southern European easiness arises in the cute ­brasseries or in the Rheinauhafen with its architectural highlights. Who would like to then end the day in review, sitting down at the Rhine beach with the sunset in view?

Explore Cologne by bike. Large parts of the route can be ridden on a bike path. But in many areas the sights can be reached only by using the streets. Some caution is then required.Starting Point: Mülheim train station, which can be reached by regional trains. Who does not have a bike, can rent one from here.