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Good to know

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How can I find out what’s going on?

Where to stay in Cologne

created by Katja Peglow | |   service

From an originally designed bunk in a dormitory room to a beautiful, neo-­Gothic­ boutique hotel with cathedral-­like vibes: our top five hotel tips...

Design stores with style

created by Raum 5 | |   service

Cologne has always had a solid reputation as a design metropolis – here’s our round up of five unique stores where you’re sure to pick up some great...

Start-up meet-ups

created by Thomas Riedel | |   service

Where do start-up founders get together in Cologne?

Shopping in Cologne

created by Katja Peglow | |   service

Cologne’s enviably unique mix of designer boutiques, off-beat record emporiums, lovingly curated ­vintage treasure troves, exquisite ­gourmet food...

Raising the rainbow flag

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A short guide to annual LGBTIQ* events in Cologne

A home (office) away from home

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There are over 60 co-working spaces for Cologne’s start-up scene to get together in. Here’s our round-up of the best five WFH alternatives