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Good to know

created by Katja Peglow and Christian Werthschulte | |   service

Helpful tips for your stay in Cologne

Where to stay

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From a themed bunk dorm to an original Kippenberger painting above the bed – here are our five hotel tips to suit every taste and budget


Raising the rainbow flag

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A short guide to annual LGBTIQ* events in Cologne

A home (office) away from home

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There are over 60 co-working spaces for Cologne’s start-up scene to get together in. Here’s our round-up of the best five WFH alternatives

Pretty little things

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From Mexican handicrafts to Scandinavian minimalism – the best design stores in Cologne


Shopping in Cologne

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Cologne’s eclectic mix of designer boutiques, music shops and vintage clothing stores makes it a ­popular shopping destination

Insider tips for shopaholics

created by Katja Peglow | |   service

Shop ’til you drop! These unique local stores are defininitely worth a visit

A home away from home

created by Katja Peglow | |   service

From spendy to thrifty: Cologne’s most interesting accommodation