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Eating out in Cologne: Breakfast and brunch

|   food

From pancakes and French toast to shakshuka and sausage, Cologne has you covered

Eating out in Cologne: Lunch restaurants

|   food

You’ll find everything from lentil soup and green curry to Michelin-starred cuisine

Coffee and cake time in Cologne

|   food

Indulge your sweet tooth with Kaffee und Kuchen at the city’s best cafés


Eating out in Cologne: Dinner restaurants

|   food

Take a culinary tour around the world without having to leave Cologne


Cocktail hour in Cologne

|   food

If sipping cocktails is your thing, you’ll be spoilt for choice here


Where beer house traditions meet modern cuisine

created by Johannes J. Arens | |   food

Cologne’s food may not be as cutting-edge as in Berlin or as rustic as in Munich. But the city’s culinary scene is more sustainable as a result

Where all thirsty patrons are treated the same

created by Christian Meier-Oehlke | |   food

Cologne is home to an egalitarian food and drink culture