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Change as a constant

created by Christian Werthschulte | |   tours

A stroll through Ehrenfeld, where past and present live side by side

Eating out in Cologne: Dinner restaurants

created by Tagnacht – Cologne gastro guide | |   food

Metropolitan vibes, vegan Japanese food and a modern take on hearty beer hall fare – our top tips for dining out

“We want to give something back to Cologne”

created by Anja Albert | |   digital cologne

Local backpack label Fond Of has become a successful business by championing sustainability, ergonomics and fair trade

Good to know

|   service

How can I find out what’s going on?

Rap queens win the battle

created by Carla H. Bartels | |   urban culture

Cologne is the scene for Germany’s first ever female battle rap league

A day in the life of Tamara Lukasheva

|   day in the life

Award-winning Ukrainian jazz singer Tamara Lukasheva (34) has lived in Cologne since 2010. She recently curated a number of solidarity concerts to...